Bernd Spiess

Welcome to my personal homepage. This is just about myself - business - not family related.

What I do, What I did:

I am working as a consultant/engineer in internet and telecommunication since 2014. Starting in 1992 I was one of the founders of some Internet related companies in Austria; namely: HAPPYnet, ASCUS and i3B. My initial roles (beside being one of the owners/MD´s) were mainly the technical responsibilities, followed by leading staffed engineers, followed by working as the CTO of these companies.


My passion is mainly about Internet engineering stuff and its strategic aspects. Peering, AS relations and IP latency is one of the main aspects here. I operate my own ASN for research and testing. Being part of the global ip community and learn from others is what inspires my.

Working Principles:

Doing what I have passion for is the main working principle. I like what I do and I do what I like is the basic fundament of my work. Lifelong learning is another one. A defined part of my work is dedicated to learning new stuff and learning from others.


My business "home-base" is my company called "ip-it consult GmbH". It was founded by me from scratch and is owned by me. It is registered as an "engineering office" (Ingenieurbüro) where I cover the role of being the needed "Consulting Engineer".